About us...

Established in 2004 by Dan Day and Rosie Handley, our aim in setting up shoebox creative was to enjoy creative freedom and work with like minded people who value our approach to design, we make our clients as happy and successful as possible. 

Thanks to those clients we have achieved these goals and have since expanded our services to include:

Brand strategy & design
Graphic design
Direct mail
Corporate literature
Packaging design
Communication strategy
Email marketing
Signage design
Exhibition & display design
Fashion design
Artistic works

Utilising leading designers and a collective of like-minded consultants, manufacturers and contractors, we produce results that are measured by time management, budget management, commercial goals and above all, excellence in design communication.

We would like to listen to your ideas...

Ready to chat?

If you have a project/idea that you would like us to work on, you want information about the studio and its activities, or to arrange a portfolio showing, please contact us.
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