Art for arts sake…

Today I took my daughter for her first taste of art that does not involve cutting, sticking or glitter and generally leaves the hands clean after viewing. Yes, we ventured into the world of the Archibald at the Art Gallery in Sydney, and after queuing for what seemed like an extraordinary amount of time for a weekend, managed to negotiate ourselves and the pram around the 3 small rooms.

Now, Poppy was oblivious to the artworks on display and had more fun watching the people, I on the other hand craned and poked to get glimpses of the finalists on display… which brings me to my point. It seems to me that the Archibald contains the same paintings each year; a safe cross section of artistic styles, as many enormous canvases that they can fit into the small rooms and the same ‘artists’ views of portraiture. Now I love a good portrait as much as the next budding artist, but for some reason, over the last 3/4 years of visiting, I keep coming away with the feeling that I have seen it all before. Perhaps if the paintings were displayed in more isolation so that they really shouted when you gazed at them, or maybe less finalists! Anyway, I suggest you go and check it out while it is still on and see what you think, after all, Art is goos for the soul. Dd

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