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Mobile friendly website design – Responsive vs. Mobile websites


As a business owner you should already be aware that Google has once again changed the ball game and added another criteria to the way it ranks websites in the search engine results pages (serps). So now your rankings depend on whether or not your website is mobile friendly.

With the rapid increase in people using their mobile devices to search and shop online, this move is understandable, however that doesn’t help business owners when they are faced with a website that is not mobile friendly.

So what can you do about this problem? Because, if you don’t want to lose rankings, customers, sales and conversions, you have to address this issue very quickly.

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6 essential WordPress tips and tricks

Wordpress design

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) in the world as it is so easy to load and to use. If you are new to WordPress however, it can all look a little bit daunting. So here are 10 essential tips that will make writing, editing and posting your content easy and problem free.

  1. Clean up your permalinks: This is best done before you start adding content to your site, otherwise you will create a lot of 404 errors. These can be easily fixed with a redirect however and it is worth it, so that your URLs are crispy clean and user-friendly.

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Why Buzzwords can be bad for business



One definition of buzzwords is that they are words or phrases that sound important or technical and are used primarily to impress people. In other words, buzzwords are vague terms that explain nothing because you have no idea what you really mean.

Does that sound harsh? Well how often do you hear these buzzwords?

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Building a successful brand

Brand design

Whether you are just starting a new business or considering rebranding your current company, the way people perceive your business is vital to your success. Community perceptions are heavily defined by company insights and opinions, so at the outset you need everyone to be on board with the new branding strategy.

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A 5 step process to successful rebranding

If you feel that your company is losing out to your competitors, it might be time to reassess your brand and make it stand out from the crowd. Rebranding is not for the faint-hearted, as it usually involves a complete realignment of your brand within the marketplace.

This is achieved by redefining your message to the community and creating a sense of trust and authenticity in your rebranded image. So if you are thinking of rebranding your company, here are 5 steps that will help you negotiate the process:

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