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Rebranding mistakes and how to avoid them


In a previous post we looked at 3 questions to answer before rebranding:

  1. Has anything changed within the company?
  2. Has anything changed with your target audience?
  3. Has anything changed within your industry?

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3 Questions to answer before rebranding



Branding is not a short term marketing campaign – it is the fundamental core of a company. Your brand is not only your logo, it is your message to the world. It says ‘Here we are, this is what we do, what we stand for and what we believe’.

Your brand reflects the essence of your company. So why change it? Why even consider for one moment that you might need to rebrand?

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3 reasons why rebranding is good business

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Rebranding can be a risky business if not looked at holistically. Branding is much more than making your company or product look good to consumers, it needs to make your bottom line look good as well.

So if you have gone to all the trouble to create a brand – why in the world would you want to rebrand? Well, simply put – a company rebrands because it needs to change a significant element of their branding image. This could be purely the logo or the marketing message or it can even include a full corporate rebrand exercise. Read more…