Artist Lara Allport

Modern, sleek and sophisticated. These words sit perfectly with Lara Allport’s beautiful illustrations. Using patterns, layers and vibrant colours, with sultry silhouettes and curling fronds, Lara’s work seems to glow with an energy all of it’s own.

Originally from the UK, having trained in art and printmaking, Lara is a graphic designer,
artist and illustrator, as well as a co-founder of ‘The National Grid, Design Distillery’ in Sydney. She has exhibited paintings and illustrations all over the world including the UK, Amsterdam, Detroit, Dubai, Miami and Australia.

Publication is no stranger either, as she has appeared regularly in Australian design magazines and in the internationally distributed 'neomu' book. Tackling art prizes and getting ready for her own solo show next April, Lara seems unstoppable! Berocca, vegemite, red cordial, coffee, red wine – whatever it is, we want what she’s having!

More of Lara’s work can be seen on

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