Artist Eli Faen

I was born in San Francisco to hippie parents in the year of the dragon, 1976. 4 years later I was shipped off to Sydney, Australia, where I've been based ever since. My interest in art began with "Mad magazine" and "Conan" comics. After high school I attended art school for 3 years before gallavanting around the world for a couple of years, gathering inspiration and an assortment of tropical diseases.

I now divide my time between working in the paint + art departments on movies and tv shows, and painting for myself or on commisioned artworks.

For the last few years I have been painting on fabric instead of canvas, preferring it's vibrant imagery, and the excuse it gives me to travel and purchase more.

When I'm not working on a film, or painting a pet, I may well be surfing, eating fruit (or tofu), skating a friends ramp, making short films, exploring the world or possibly just staying out of trouble.

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