Artist Toby Whitebread

Having a background in fine art, painting, printing and drawing, has produced a love for the hands on approach. My digital practice allows me to negotiate this fusion of process to find a balance between technology and technique. Each image is a snap shot of an idea in development, passing from digital to analogue and back again. The sketchbook is a constant reference point for me. It is where my ideas are born, released and then welcomed back with open arms.

When I'm not nursing my sketchbook, I feed my long-standing addiction to vinyl. DJing clears the mind but has a similar effect on my bank balance.

The future holds a big move to Sydney from a very damp Manchester in the UK. I dream of
an endless summer filled with biros, markers, pencils and pens.

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If you have a project/idea that you would like us to work on, you want information about the studio and its activities, or to arrange a portfolio showing, please contact us.
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