small is beautiful…

I regularly follow the great advice by the guys over at Flying Solo and this one by Zern really struck a chord with me so I thought I would regurgitate some of his fine words so others could benefit.

The conventional business world is obsessed with big. The prevailing myth is that bigger is better – including the outward appearance of big.

If we scratch beneath the surface of big, we find small. There is amazing transformative power in the Small. Small is all around us. Small is us being the individuals that we are. Small steps start the longest journeys. Small intimate relationships grow large spheres of influence. And small home offices become big corporations. Small is the new big!

1. Small is personal.
2. Small empowers the individual.
3. Small is social.
4. Small is human-scaled.
5. Small tempers the ego.
6. Small is actionable.
7. Small is agile.
8. Small is creative.
9. Small is Brand You.
10. Small is gratitude.
11. Small is approachable.
12. Small prepares you for big.

To fully realise the benefits of small, you must think and see big: big dreams, big visions, big aspirations; and of course big abundance and big opportunities. If you like what you read, why not come and have a chat…

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